Don’t Let Big Brother Stop You From Vaping!

If you are a smoker making the switch to e cigs for a safer alternative then you should take a few things into consideration before you make the ultimate switch. In other words, don’t go out and purchase the first electronic cigarette that you see on the shelves of stores.

Electronic cigarettes are a great option if  you are looking at alternatives. They give you the nicotine that you are addicted too without giving you all of the carcinogens that is in ordinary tobacco.

Now if you are already a non-smoker than you should probably stay away from electronic cigarettes. What is the purpose of getting addicted to nicotine if you are smart enough not to smoke in the first place. That’s just common sense really.

Now another thing to think about if you are ready to make the switch is what brand to go with. Because there are in fact more than 250 different brands on the market. Some of which are really great products that are thoroughly tested and some of them are just crap that will break on you and will more than likely steer you completely away from e cigs.

Big Money

And some e cigs are basically desperation from the already multi-billion dollar tobacco industries such as Altria (Phillip Morris) which now owns the MarkTen e-cigs, R.J. Reynolds owners of Camel cigarettes and the Vuse e-cig, and Lorillard owners of Newport and the famous Blu e-cigs that you see in almost every store that you walk into.

These tobacco industries can’t stand to lose money on the sales of tobacco so now they have to jump into the league of e cigs. Do you really want to keep putting your money in their pocket? I know I don’t!

They blow up Too?

Another concern you may have is all the hype about exploding and defaulted electronic cigarettes. Is it true or is it just another way for big brother and the tobacco companies previously mentioned to keep raking in the dough?

So don’t believe everything that you hear or read about because not all of it is true.

Check it out yourself, just Google news search “electronic cigarette” and you will see several different blogs about exploding e cigs or something like that. But, of course when you read it there are no brands mentioned and they don’t want to tell you how the user altered their personal device to modify it to be different than its intended use.

So don’t let the government make your mind up for you like they try to do with everything else. Make your own decisions and good luck.

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